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More Self-sutainable pharmacies for the south 2022

Actualizado: 21 sept 2022

We been able to open one more self-sustaining pharmacy in Soledad because of your generosity. People in these remote areas can now have immediate access to low-cost medications.

We were even able to attend the two first customers to the place. We hope to achieve our target of having more than 40 self-sustaining pharmacies by 2022.

We rely on local governments to assist us in identifying a member of the community who can run the pharmacy for a small profit from sales. This provides an income source for a family and cheap medicines access to the people.

We donate medicines, shelves, blood pressure cuffs, glucose test strips, and all tools and instructions needed to run a pharmacy. The mayor offices help us with logistics and follow-up.

This time, the location is Soledad in El Paraiso.

Thank you for your interest in our projects!

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