Wheelchair training workshop, Pespire; Choluteca.

Free Wheelchair Mission workshop

During last week, C.A.R.E hold in the city of Pespire, the First full training workshop to learn how to treat and serve people with disability in our areas of influence.

Twelve municipalities’ members joined us to share knowledge and experiences during 2 days of activities.

 First day: 
  • Facts about Honduras south disability rate,
  • Who we are,
  • What we do and our wheelchairs,
  • About disability in general,
  • Detection of pressure sores and how to,
  • Wheelchair applicant form,
  • Wheelchair fit form manual,
  • Measuring techniques
  • Group Practice.
 Second day
  • Wheelchairs assembly,
  • Check and ready list,
  • Fit confirmation,
  • User training skills,
  • Couples practices and test,
  • Transfers and mobility skills,
  • Evaluation and workshop final.


We strongly believe that after this training we will be more efficient to serve wheelchair user in south of Honduras.

Soon we will share more information about our progress. Now Check some of the TRAINING PICTURES

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