What We Do

C.A.R.E. hosts volunteers on week-long medical brigades year round in our work zone mobilizing doctors and dentists to hold clinics that serve rural areas. More information on our medical brigades can be found here: Medical Brigades.

Our focus is on establishing self-sustaining programs that are operated and maintained in Honduras. The following are our programs that we have implemented to empower the Honduran community.


Free School Lunch 

Partnership with Rise Against Hunger to feed thousands of school students.

We partner with Rise Against Hunger to provide free school lunches to thousands of school students. C.A.R.E. collaborates with Honduran mayors to contribute a portion of their budget to the cost of shipping containers full of vitamin and nutrient-enriched rice and soy products to roughly 200 schools and 4,000 students in our work zone. 

The result of this program is measurable weight gain, higher daily attendance and grades, and better focus in class. See our Stakeholder Impact Report for insight into the program participants’ experiences.


Free Wheelchair Mission

Providing wheelchairs to those who need one most.

We partner with Free Wheelchair Mission and the mayors in our work zone to provide wheelchairs to those who need them with no means of getting a chair on their own. FWM provides the chairs to us for free and our Honduran staff has received training at FWM headquarters in California to properly assemble, distribute, and fit the chairs to the recipients to ensure safety and effectiveness. In partnership with Mayors, we have distributed hundreds of chairs throughout the departments of Choluteca and Valle.


Self-Sustaining Pharmacies

Providing otherwise inaccessible medicines to people in rural communities.

Our self-sustaining pharmacies supplement our medical brigades; we procure the initial funding in the U.S. to install a pharmacy with very affordable medicines in the communities where mobile medical clinics have been held. Medicines are bought at a very low cost from a wholesaler, a member of the community is selected by the Mayor to be the pharmacist and host the pharmacy in his or her home, and the slight mark-up allows for the pharmacist to resupply medicines while making a living.