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Mobilizing volunteers and humanitarian aid in the United States to benefit populations in abject poverty in areas of Central America.


You can be part of Central American Relief Efforts by donating or joining our mission trips to Honduras.

Central American Relief Efforts was registered as  a 501(c)3 Non-profit.

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Mission trip to Honduras

There are various chances for you to lead or take part in one of our Honduras mission trips.

You can engage in one of our many initiatives or form your own team with just $1,200.00 plus airfare each member; groups of 8 people are ideal.


Alternatives include:

  • Day-long medical and dental clinics in a chosen municipality.

  • Participate in a sponsored project.

  • Join or lead a dentistry team that travels to isolated schools.

You do not need to work as a medical professional to join. There are many other options for you.

Fill the form below and as for traveling options for you.

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Self-sustainable pharmacies

We are moving forward to reach installing almost 40 self-sustainable pharmacies in the south region of Honduras.

Installing a fully functional pharmacy that provides more than 30 basic medicines and first aid services to remote populations costs only $2,500.00.


A small entrepreneur is also empowered; most of them are women who work from home while caring for their families.

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Schools Free Lunch Program

With your generous support, we are hoping to raise $5,000 to ship a food container to Honduras in 2024, where it will serve 200 days of free school lunches for 2,000 children.

You will ensure that every school day, children in the southern part of Honduras will receive a free lunch along with Rise Against Hunger support.

The funds would be used to pay for the logistics, shipping, and legal paperwork needed to bring the food container into the country tax-free.


Your support it is very important, there are many ways you can help. Join our efforts!

How can you help?

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