R.A.H-SIR 2018 Angelica interview


The Stakeholder Impact Report (SIR) provides an opportunity to share the personal perspective of someone who has participated in your program and receives Rise Against Hunger (RAH) meals or donated soap

 Rise Against Hunger and C.A.R.E. Free School Lunch Program

Interview with Angélica. El Chaparral, Marilica; Pespire Choluteca 2018
Centro de educación básica José Trinidad Reyes
Interview between:
Angelica Maria.
13 years old
Student of 8th grade in Jose Trinidad Reyes School
Edwin Marel Carbajal Hernandez
Central American Relief Efforts,
Projects coordinator

Edwin: Good morning angelica, how are you?

Angelica: Good.

Edwin: How old are you?

Angelica: 13

Edwin: What grade are you in?

Angelica: eighth


Edwin: What it’s you teacher name?

Angelica: Our Guide teacher?

Edwin: Yes.

Angelica: Moises de Jesus.


Edwin: Do you live here in El Chaparral?

Angelica: Yes

Edwin: Had you always lived here?

Angelica: Yes

Edwin: And your parents?

Angelica: Also.


Edwin: How long you been in this school; have you always been at this school?

Angelica: Yes, since kindergarten.


Edwin: What are your parents’ names?

Angelica: Wendy Jaqueline y Erwin Donaire


Edwin: Besides the school, what other things you do here?

Angelica: Water plants.

Edwin: At your house what you do?

Angelica: Also, water my garden; and help in house cleaning.


Edwin: What are your expectation for the future, what you want to be when you grow up?

Angelica: Gods willing; Teacher.

Edwin: Teacher; you like it?

Angelica: (affirmative sound)


Edwin: Do you know the rice you receive?

Angelica: Yes

Edwin: Have you eat it?

Angelica: Yes

Edwin: You like it.

Angelica: (Affirmative sound)

Edwin: How they prepare it?

Angelica: How they cook it, how it is prepared?

Edwin: How they give it here, how do you eat it?

Angelica: we have eat it plain rice, only cooked; in soup, tamales, tacos, pastelitos.


Edwin: And before receiving the rice, what you ate here. More and less?

Angelica: We use to eat fruits.


Edwin: How many times you usually eat daily?

Angelica: three times.

Edwin: and your family?

Angelica: they do also.


Edwin: Before the rice, the food was good, or you believe has improve?

Angelica: it was good.

Edwin: And now you have the rice we provide you, you think it is better? Alternatively, no difference?

Angelica: there is a difference.

Edwin: There is a difference, has improve?

Angelica: (affirmative sound)


Edwin: You know why the rice we provide you it is important. Have they explained to you?

Angelica: No.

Edwin: the rice we provide you it is good because have many nutrients and vitamins, so when you eat it is not only rice you eat. You are also receiving vitamins and supplements, which you need. Do you believe this is important?

Angelica: Yes.


Edwin: what benefits you think the food has bring to you community, your school, your life? You think has bring benefits?

Angelica: Yes.

Edwin: What kind?

Angelica: a healthier alimentation.

Edwin: You believe that is important.

Angelica: Yes.

Edwin: Why.

Angelica: We can avoid diseases, we would never get sick.

Edwin: You would get sick less; anything else?

Angelica: always receive more nutrients.

Edwin: Why this is important for your future?

Angelica: In order to have a healthier body.

Edwin: have a healthier body; and healthier mind; it’s it?

Angelica: (Affirmative sound)


Edwin: When you eat lunch; what time do you have the lunch by the way?

Angelica: 10am


Edwin: Whom you like to seat to eat?

Angelica: My classmates.

Edwin: You all seat together.

Angelica: yes.

Edwin: so you eat here at the classroom.

Angelica: Yes.


Edwin: What about your classes?

Angelica: thanks God, well.

Edwin: Do you have very good grades?

Angelica: (affirmative head move)


Edwin: How far for the year to end, like three months right?

Angelica: (Affirmative sound)


Edwin: After you have eating at 10am, after you finish; what you usually do?

Angelica: Going out to buy.

Edwin: To buy what?

Angelica: Trinkets (Meaning small bag snacks on small rural grocery stores)

Edwin: So after lunch you go to buy, candies, snacks.

Angelica: Yes.


Edwin: Remind me you parents’ names?

Angelica: Wendy Jaqueline y Erwin Donaire.

Edwin: That was it; appreciate your time, very kind of you, Thanks.

Angelica: you are welcome.

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