Mission Trips

Our medical brigades are an opportunity for those interested in travel for a humanitarian cause, such as church members, NGOs, humanitarian groups, or college teams looking for spring/summer break travel options, etc. We run medical and dental clinics in rural, under serviced, and neglected communities in southern Honduras. We have been working in this region for over 10 years and have a wide network of contacts who support our mission in-country.

We set up mobile clinics in rural areas, usually in a school or church, to which patients will walk hours. We see typically between two to five hundred patients at each clinic, and provide basic medical and dental treatment. C.A.R.E. hires Honduran doctors, nurses and dentists to see patients at the mobile clinics and our volunteers distribute prescribed medicines, administer dental care, among many other activities at clinics. Spanish and medical skills are not required.

Trips require 10-12 volunteers. The cost is all-inclusive upon arrival in Honduras (food, lodging, transportation, activities) and a large portion of the cost goes directly to the medicines that volunteers distribute at the medical clinics. Trips run year-round on a 7-day schedule, multiple week trips are available.

We stay at Hotel Palmeras in Pespire, Choluteca, Honduras. We have been staying at this hotel for many years and our continual support of the business ensures our comfort and safety.

We get breakfast, lunch, and dinner from La Cascada (with some exceptions, costs covered by C.A.R.E.), an event/catering service owned and operated by our Honduran Director of Operations, Beatriz Espinal. She is a professionally-trained chef. Her cooking meets the highest standards and can accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Evenings are spent on the patio at La Cascada or the hotel, watching or playing soccer with locals, or attending mass or other local events. Shopping and touring the town with Honduran escorts is available during the day after clinics.

It is usually around 85-90 degrees during the day and fairly humid. The sun is strong, so light and protective clothing is best.

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