When are mission trips scheduled?

We work in Honduras year-round and can schedule a mission trip for your group the week of your choice, subject to availability. As a general rule, we look to you to organize a group of 10-12 volunteers to travel as a team — these can be friends, family, coworkers, classmates — anyone with the desire to spend a week helping in Honduras! Please contact our main office at carelief07@gmail.com if you would like to learn the next steps in organizing a team and prepping for a mission trip.

Don’t have a group? Please contact our U.S. office at carelief07@gmail.com to join our list serve to be notified of opportunities for individuals. While travel opportunities for individuals are rare, we generally propose trip dates once per year to accommodate individuals who would like to travel but don’t have a large enough group to form a team. Joining this list will allow us to keep you up-to-date once any opportunities arise.

Do I need to be a medical professional to participate in a medical mission trip?

All volunteers are welcome, regardless of having a background in medical care or interest in studying to become a medical professional. While medical professionals can sometimes use their background to provide more specialized care, there is plenty of volunteer work that non-medical professionals can do to contribute to our mission. Our only requirement is that you have an interest in helping people in need!

Do I need to speak Spanish to join CARE in Honduras?

Spanish language is not required. We always have multiple translators with our groups, so while Spanish-speakers will be able to put their language skills to use, those without a background in Spanish need not worry!

Where will we be working?

We work primarily in the southern Zone of Honduras. We are based out of a town about two hours south of Tegucigalpa called Pespire, and we travel to other communities in the southern region of the country. The majority of our medical clinics are held in schools, community centers, and health centers in communities in the area.

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