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The Project:

We are excited to announce that thanks to YOU, we have raised enough money to fund our first crowd-funded pharmacy! The pharmacy has been installed in San Jose. The area is isolated and the people of San Jose are excited for the opportunity to have increased access to medicines within the community. CLICK HERE to view a brief video about the project!

This project is ongoing – our goal is to fund the remaining four crowd-funded pharmacies by next September. Can you help us get one step closer?

Learn more below:

Five Self-Sustaining Pharmacies

Central American Relief Efforts has treated over 10,000 patients with the efforts of volunteer medical mission teams from the U.S., but many more Hondurans lack access to healthcare services, including pharmaceuticals.

One ongoing program that we run is a self-sustaining pharmacy project. We currently have five operating self-sustaining pharmacies in our workzone, which have been running smoothly and increasing access to medicine in rural areas for several years. The pharmacies have enabled locals to find the medicines they need in their own community for a reasonable price.

To continue to expand our reach and increase accessibility of medicines in our workzone, we are now asking for your help to fund five additional pharmacies to be placed in our partner communities –rural areas in southern Honduras — to serve those with otherwise limited access to purchase even the most basic medicines, like cough syrup and allergy medication.

Learn more about our self-sustaining pharmacies and contribute any amount to the project by following the link to our Crowrise page!

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