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Come back to Honduras in 2022


We are coming back to Honduras, and want you to join us!

in 2022 we are planning a mission trip leaded by Steve Mentzer.

Save the dates:

From January 6 to 12; 2022.

We will be holding 2 clinic days

and Work in a school project supported by the Lancaster Rotary Club

Contact us for more information.

Contact us | (carelief.org)

Send us a email to: carelief07@gmail.com

or phone call to: 717-413 6883

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Food program – Rise Against Hunger and C.A.R.E.


We have delivered food packs for one year this far to 400 families in the south of Honduras.

We have successfully provided food baskets to 400 families during several months. Rise against Hunger has provide most of the funding for this project, but also humanitarian C.A.R.E. friends who support our projects can feel happy for this contribution.

We will continue to provide this support of a 25 days food supply to 400 families in nutritional risk.

This project has become even more important due the hit of not one, but two hurricanes to our country within few weeks. Right now we are facing IOTA right after ETA, hopping we will overcome this difficult times with your help.

Thanks for supporting our projects.

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More Self-sutainable pharmacies for the south 2020


Thanks to your support, we are able to open 2 more self-sustainable pharmacies in the south of Honduras. People in faraway areas, can have immediate access to low cost medicines.

We rely in local authorities to help us identify a person in the community who can run the pharmacy for a profit from the sales. With this, we benefit a family with an income source and the entire community.  

We donate: Medicines, shelves, blood pressure cuff, sugar test devices and all tools and instructions require for running the pharmacy.

The locations this time are: Santa Ana and Asacualpa.

thanks for supporting our projects!