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Roger Sandt Kindergarten


Roger sandt kindergarten has a brand new classroom. this was necessary in order to cover the education center demand.

We give thanks to Roger Sandt for this amazing support to Javier Soriano community kids.

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Cigar dinner success!


Thanks to our friends for their support. The cigar dinner was a success. This is for our projects in Honduras.

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20 Self-sustainable pharmacies on 2019


Thanks to your support we have reached 20 self-sustainable pharmacies in 2019.

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Agua Fria self-sustainable pharmacy


One more pharmacy installed in Agua Fria, village in the Nacaome municipality.

Beautiful place for a self-sustainable pharmacy.

We give thanks all who support C.A.R.E. projects.

This will secure low cost medicines access to a small population in this area.

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Goascoran self-sustainable pharmacy installed!


One more pharmacy installed in GoascorĂ¡n in Valle County.

This comes to secure access to low cost medicines to the population of this far away area in Valle. Is one of the farthest parts of the Valle county in south of Honduras.

Thanks for all the ones who support the C.A.R.E. projects.

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Caridad municipality self-sustainable pharmacy


The self-sustainable pharmacy for the Caridad municipality is already running.

This is the very first pharmacy to open in this small municipality in the Valle county; south of Honduras.

Now the people has access to low cost medicines near the homes.

Thanks to the support to all C.A.R.E. friends and Honduras staff for making this possible.