Medical relief to Honduras

Many medical supplies, medicines, dental and office equipment were unload for the CARE team and volunteers from the container received this weekend… Thanks to those who made this possible and CARE for such a donation that will benefit in a huge way the Choluteca health system.

One thought on “Medical relief to Honduras”

  1. I am writing this because I wanted you to know that what your organization is heaven sent and such a blessing to those in need. I was wondering if you ever send nurses and doctors to Honduras on these mission trips because I have 1 child that is in serious need of medical attention. He is a beautiful 2yr old who had an accident early this year and fell into a bonfire and very deep burn wounds and I am not sure he will make it because of the lack of medical attention he is receiving because of his parents inability to pay. If you know of any orginizations that may be able to help me in Honduras please email me or call me (847)636-8181 I appreciate any help you can offer and keep up the great work!

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