2015 Party with C.A.R.E.

Thank you to all our guests and sponsors who joined us for our annual Party with C.A.R.E. event in September. This is the time of year that we are wrapping up with most of our mission work and major projects, and we begin to plan for the coming year. Party with C.A.R.E. is a time to celebrate our year-to-date accomplishments with our friends and supporters.

This year, we had a few “extras” at the event – a raffle; 2016 calendar sales, featuring artwork by two young Honduran art students; and our second annual Honduran art auction, highlighting some of the original calendar artwork. Proceeds from these three special extras were dedicated toward an emergency food program in Honduras. There has been a prolonged drought in our workzone, so we are happy to announce that we raised over $4000 to launch a relief effort to feed schoolchildren in the poorest, most needy areas of southern Honduras.

If you missed it, click here to watch our year-in-review!

Help us Reach our Goal!

So far in 2015, Central American Relief Efforts has treated over 10,000 patients with the efforts of volunteer medical mission teams from the U.S., but many more Hondurans lack access to healthcare services, including pharmaceuticals.
One ongoing program that we run is a self-sustaining pharmacy project. We currently have five operating self-sustaining pharmacies in our workzone, which have been running smoothly and increasing access to medicine in rural areas for several years. The pharmacies have enabled locals to find the medicines they need in their own community for a reasonable price.
To continue to expand our reach and increase accessibility of medicines in our workzone, we are now asking for your help to fund five additional pharmacies to be placed in our partner communities –rural areas in southern Honduras — to serve those with otherwise limited access to purchase even the most basic medicines, like cough syrup and allergy medication. Learn more about our self-sustaining pharmacies and contribute any amount to the project by following the link to our Crowrise page!
One of our current pharmacies in action
Here’s the good news — with crowdfunding, no donation is too small! Whether you are able to donate $10 or $10,000, your contribution adds to our success! Crowdfunding relies on many people making (mostly small) contributions. You can also help us by spreading the word – so please spread the word via email, post the link to Facebook, text your friends…again, crowdfunding is based on the support of many people coming together to make big things happen!
Because our pharmacies are self-sustaining, your contribution will purchase an initial stock of medication, which, when sold, will generate the money to restock the medicine in the pharmacy.
Will you help support this project? Click here to visit our Crowdrise page!

Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Our spring 2015 newsletter went out last month – click the link above to see what we’ve been up to the first part of this year.

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Central American Relief Efforts off to a Great Start in 2015

Already this year, we’ve hosted volunteer groups from Grove City College, Purdue University, a group of Board Members, Carol Martin’s Dental Team, and Vanderbilt University. We’ve seen over 6000 patients at 17 clinic sites. We received a shipping container from Free Wheelchair Mission of 550 wheelchairs (including a trial batch of the new, second-generation chairs, made with more adjustments to accommodate a wider range of patients). And this week we celebrated the opening of the Roger Sandt Kindergarten building in the community of Javier Soriano near Choluteca City. Please consider liking our Facebook page to follow our adventures! (Pictures to come soon!)

C.A.R.E. Assists During Drought, Dengue Outbreak

This fall, Central American Relief Efforts provided relief to communities affected by a severe drought by providing rice, beans, and other basic rations to several of the communities most severely affected by the drought.

Honduras has two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season. During the dry season, many families not only do not have food, they also do not have work, which compounds the struggle to feed their families.

This fall, we also provided medicine to the health department in the municipality of Marcovia when a severe dengue and chikungunya outbreak left 48% of the population suffering with these viruses.

Our partner communities were very appreciative of the assistance we were able to provide during these emergencies.

Thank you for supporting our programs!

2014 Correr for CARE 5k

This October, we held our second annual 5k run/walk, “Correr for CARE.” The event raised funds to build a school building for the children living in the community of Javier Sorriano near Choluteca City.

The children currently do not have a school building of their own, and they ┬áhave to cross a riverbed and walk over an hour to the nearest school. We thank our event sponsors (see the full list of sponsors at our event page), event volunteers (shout out to Elizabethtown college!), participants, and donors who made this event a success. You’ve helped us get a great start on making this project a reality for this community!

Stay tuned for updates on our 2015 event.

2014 Party with CARE

This year’s Party with CARE event was held at a new venue, LancasterHistory.Org’s facilities, which was a great space for our pre-party cocktail hour and year-end informational meeting. This year we also auctioned off several art pieces donated to us by two five-year-old art students in Honduras. The event was a huge success!

Click here to view the video we showed at the meeting, highlighting our 2014 accomplishments!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the event. We appreciate your continued support of the work we are doing in Honduras.

2014 In Ian’s Boots Soccer Tournament

Last week , we hosted our annual soccer tournament for school children

Participants thank In Ian's Boots for sponsoring the event!

in Pespire, co-sponsored by In Ian’s Boots. Both girls’ and boys’ divisions are selected from area schools to participate. All of the students from the participating teams receive full soccer uniforms, including cleats, and food for the┬áday. The chidden come from some of the most impoverished communities we partner with and often do not have a lot to look forward to in life, so the tournament is a very special day. The kids are thrilled to receive their very own pair of soccer cleats and the uniform set at the event.

Winning teams this year were:

Boys Division:
1- jicaro y llanos
2- las mesas y carrisal
3- tamarindo y guyavo

Girls’ Division:
1-jicaro y llano
2- los limones
3- las mesas y carrisal

2014 Awards Ceremony

Best Goal Scorer :
Jan carlos Valladares

2014 Tournament in Progress

Escuela las mesas

Best Goalie:
Marlon Garcia

A huge thank you goes out to Marvin, who organized the tournament, as well as to our other Honduran staff and friends who gave their time to help with the event, to Carlos Ledezma who contributed the soccer balls to the event, AND to our friends with In Ian’s Boots for sponsoring this year’s tournament!!

Elizabethtown College Volunteers in May

In late May, Elizabethtown College students joined CARE in Honduras for the very first time! Most of the volunteers are pre-med students or are in a related field of study.The team members did a phenomenal job of collecting donated items to bring to clinic sites, to donate to our partner schools, and to share with the children at the Choluteca orphanage.

We hosted three clinic days in the communities of Caridad, Pespire Centro, and Aremecina. The team saw over 1440 patients in general medicine and also took the time to tour the department of Choluteca’s only public hospital (in Choluteca City) and spend time playing with children at the orphanage in Choluteca. We finished off a week of hard work with a beach day!

Thanks for a great week, E-town!!